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    I hope I am posting in the right area. I just acquired a Pocket Bar and Grill guide from a different source. It is only for other ipod generations but it goes in the notes section of the ipod. Here are the instructions that came w/ :

    Pocket Bar & Grill is an iPod based mixed drink database with 750 drink recipes and 225 gourmet dishes.

    Pocket Bar & Grill Requirements:
    Macintosh or Windows formatted iPod
    iPod Firmware 2.0 or greater
    3rd or 4th Generation iPod or iPod Mini
    iPod Photo or iPod Special Edition U2
    iPod Nano or iPod 5th Generation

    Installing Pocket Bar & Grill
    Plug your iPod into your computer. When it shows up on screen, locate the "Notes" folder within it. Simply drag the Pocket Bar & Grill folder into the "Notes" folder.

    PC Users do not need to convert or be able to read the contents of the Pocket Bar & Grill folder, just drag the Pocket Bar & Grill folder to your "Notes" folder in your iPod. The iPod will be able to display the recipes.

    How to use Pocket Bar & Grill
    Go to your iPod's main menu, select Extras > Notes > Pocket Bar & Grill >Bar or Grill > Drinks and food recipes are then listed in each folder. Select your drink or recipe.

    I was wondering if I could convert those files and be able to put them on the touch somehow if at all possible. At the moment while taking a look at the file it doesn't give me an extension so I have no clue what format it is in at the moment. But w/ the above instructions it seems as tho it could be possible to throw this on a jailbroken touch. Thanks for any help.
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    This goes in other ipod models thread not here! Mods please move

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