Poblems with hanging ipod

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by larsi, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Jan 22, 2008
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    I brought my iPod touch 16 gb on last saturday.
    I have jailbroken it, and it worked fine, at least for a while.
    Somethimes (acutally quite ften) my iPod hangs itself and i have to reboot it (hold the "hold" button and the "home" button for ten seconds).

    Do anyone know how i can fix this, or do I have to install version 1.1.1 and jailbreak it again?
    I have added a few new sources but I don't know if it has any meaning.
    When it hang it is newer with a special connection to anything else I am doing. Dvs. it keeps hanging when i surf in safari, when i pres the hold buttn and almost everywhere else.

    Love to hear from you!

    Lars H
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