Please Sticky!!! (Ipod Touch) How to Downgrade from 2.2.1 to 1.1.4 and fix No Wifi!!!

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    How to Downgrade Ipod Touch Firmware 2.2.1 to 1.1.4
    also How to fix the Grey "No Wifi" Issue

    *Note i have a 32GB Ipod Touch 1st Gen Got the issue on 2.2.1 Firmware it may not work for everyone but i can provide some kind of support (better than s*** apple atleast)*

    First download all the likely needed Firmware's from [redactedl]
    You'll need 2.2.1 , 2.0.2, 1.1.5 , 1.1.4

    Now that you got those, Get Itunes 7.7 and 7.5 google em

    ok uninstall Itunes 9 save your library and info how ever you need to then move or delete the itunes folder in My Music

    Get Itunes 9 uninstalled and 7.7 installed once you've done that remove the itunes folder again in my music and uninstall itunes 7.7 only in add or remove programs

    Then install 7.5 once thats in there put your ipod into DFU mode (Hold down Power and Home for 10 seconds and release Power and keep it on home for another 8-10 seconds) install the desired downgraded firmware *If you want 1.1.4 chances are itunes will reject it with an error code do 1.1.5 instead it works* Now it'll look like a clean install till the end where you'll get an error (1,3,5,20,1601,1602,1603,1605) Itunes will then unrecognized your ipod and put you in recovery brick mode where all you can do is turn it on and be in recovery don't worry

    Now uninstall Itunes 7.5 completely and Install Itunes 9 again once done make sure your still in recovery where you turn it on and the usb itunes logo appears (NOT DFU) ok here in itunes 9 do a shift restore of the firmware you want after thats done turn your ipod on an off twice if your still in recovery brick just shift restore again the firmware you want this time it should definitely work it may take a few seconds it'll look bricked then youll see the green battery and then the standby screen and your good you have successfully downgraded to whatever firmware!!!!

    OK so youre wifi is still boned? Grey No Wifi Fix (Only tested with firmware 1.1.4!)

    Google and download Ziphone 3.0 (GUI)
    Open it then go to advanced options
    click downgrade bootloader on the bottom left an perform
    Ok here you'll get stuck at a black screen and see codes like BSD: md0
    now your ipod will be kinda f*****d up ok try to restore your ipod in itunes 9 dfu mode you will get error codes no matter what you choose sounds pointless(i only included this part because i did it) now hold power and home while plugged in the usb till you see the itunes usb cord logo again good now restore to the firmware (1.1.4) your ipod should be back to normal good now go back to recovery mode (hold power an home till you see the usb itunes logo while its plugged in) good open ZiphoneGUI then this time hit wifi fix and should now be successfull check your ipod's wifi if it doesn't work then it maybe a hardware malfunction and you should try other methods or consult apple and consider a repair/replacement though its costly for any questions or concern contact me at though the guide is self explanitory.......Good Luck with your fixes

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