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    Feb 9, 2008
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    So recently i used the ziphone 2.5 to jailbreak my ipod touch everything works great no problems whats so ever.. but i heard ssh runs the battery down if you leave it on.. well i installed "services" from installer so i could turn off the ssh.. but when i go into services ssh isnt on there? so does that mean i don't have ssh?? i don't have any problems installing any app at all its just im really pickey about the battery life and if i can prevent it from dying then i will but if you know anything about the ssh please help...
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    idk it just might be a glitch i'm not sure why services would do that. or do you have 1.1.2 firmware jailbroken and have ssh on. but just go back into installer and uninstall then install openssh and do the same for services

    you should be good then.

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