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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Athen123, Aug 3, 2010.

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    My ipod isn't charging when i connect it to the computer, or being recognized by Itunes. I just jailbroke it with Comex's new jailbreak. it won't go into Recovery or DFU mode so I tried erasing all the content and settings through the setting menu, that went through then it was just blank, I tried turning it off and on but that didn't help, I tried putting into DFU mode but still nothing, eventually it went to the loading screen and its stuck there now, theres like a little line going across the screen and the little loading wheel ontop of the apple, but my problem is will apple be able to tell that it was jailbroken? And can I fix this if they can? (The little line first appeard when I changed the theme for the first time and also appears when I restart my ipod.)

    I'm trying to do this so Apple won't see that I jailbroke it when I bring it to the Genius Bar later.

    Also Every few minutes the screen flashes white then it seems to restart loading, but just gets stuck again.

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