please help with my ipod touch i cannot restore and i dont know what to do.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by thealex09, Jan 4, 2008.

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    Jan 4, 2008
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    guys please help me, heres what happened

    i instaleld the appsnapp installer app for my ipod touch about 3 days ago. everything was fine, i did it by going to from my ipods browser, it crahsed, the status showed up, next thing i know, the installer blue button is there.

    so i start downloading things, everything was going fine until about 3 hours ago. i added a few sources, aloha, big boss or whatever for NES roms, blaze something, and one that was to download iphone stuff for the ipod touch. so i downloaded the mapprep and mailprep, and then downloaded the google maps and email, everything worked fine. then i downloaded the weather, everythign was fine too. so then i downloaded a theme for summerboard, adn when i went to change it, everything just froze, and everything started blinking and the little loading circle kept popping up.

    i tried restarting it but it wouldnt let me. so i held down the home and wake button at the same time and the apple logo would pop up, then a bunch of black and white lines, then the apple logo, etc.
    at times it would let me click something , take a while, and open the application i would put, i tried going to settings but i couldnt do anything. i made it for it to get into recovery mode to restore it,and once the download is done from itunes, it tells me
    "the ipod could not be restored. an unknown error occurred (-50)"
    i have NO clue what to do please someone tell me what i can do to make it work!
    my email is .
    thanks in advance.
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    iPod touch
    ok plug it in and hold down the home button and sleep/wake button untill u see the apple. then let go of the wake/sleep button while still pressing the home button. it will tell u to connect it to itunes and u shopuld already be, and then u will be able to restore it
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    make sure you download the right firmware (you can be doing 1.1.1 if you're going to jailbreak again or 1.1.2), some people put firmware up on the internet and its not a good file

    but whatever you do, don't worry because this happens to a lot of people and they find a way through it so don't freak out

    it's happened to me and i just downloaded the right 1.1.1 file, restored and did another jailbreak and now im perfectly happy

    of course i had problems during the process but if you take time and figure it all out you'll end up with a working ipod, so idk if my solution works, but if not someone here can help you

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