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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by weewoot, Mar 10, 2008.

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    my ipod has been fine for a long time. then sudenly today i unlocked it and when i opened an app i could not do anything it was frozen. i went to the homescreen and tried another app and the same thing. i cant use the dock(little sunburst). i can click on everything on ome screen but once opened they freeze. so i shut it off. when i turned it on i see flashing bars of white. then i force restart and unlock it. same thing all apps freeze. i hit the lock button, and the scrren doesnt go black it goes halfway black and dim.

    i dont have screeenshot and i havent installed anything new for a week.

    i have a 1.1.3 jailbroken please help, dont want to restore.

    EDIT: the only button that works in every app is the one ith the top left corner like previous artists in music
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    just download ziphone and put it into restore mode (sorry that you have to restore

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