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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by tornbacchus, May 6, 2008.

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    ok so i wanted to update my ipod touch from 1.12 to 1.14. i clicked update without clearing my ipod (DAM I FORGOT) so it updated. next thing i know is that itunes cant find my ipod anymore and believe me, i have tried everyway. then i realize that when i click music or videos on my touch, it crashes and returns to the main screen... everytime. i dont know what to do and im wondering if there is a program that i can use to search my ipod files since i cant use anything with ssh, since i dont have an installer on it nemore. i want to know if there is a way because i phoned apple to send it in but they said if its 3rd party software, like jailbreak, it voids the warrenty. is this true that they can check even though my ipod is restored. sending it in is my last resort. i also have a utube video so you guys can see what is happening.
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    if you restored your ipod then no, they will not know that you jailbroke it

    put it into recovery mode:
    to restore your ipod. Restoring it should fix your problem though.
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    You just forgot step # 1, but I'm posting the whole thing in case you wanna brush up on how to write a post people will feel more obliged to answer.

    - How to be successful at asking questions on -

    1: Did you remember to have the title clearly state your problem, and not type in all caps?
    eg, do NOT do this: "HELP, I HAVE A PROBLEM W/ MY ITOUCH!!!!!11"

    2: Did you use readable, organized English in the first post?
    eg, do NOT do this: "my itouch b havin prblms. need 1 of u guyz to help me fixxx it up yo. the installer aint workin got 1.1.1 on it!!!! lolololol "

    3: Did you post sufficient information about your personal issue for others to "diagnose" why it isn't working and suggest something besides a random guess?
    eg, do NOT do this: "my youtube isn't working, I upgraded to 1.1.4 and please help me"

    4: Make sure it is the correct forum (and subforum).
    eg, do NOT do this: "my iphone's phone app is screwed up....."

    5: Did you remember to search to see if you can find the solution yourself, and not make several topics for the same thin?
    eg, do NOT do this: "How do you jailbreak version 1.1.1? This is like my 5th topic on this and no one is answering. I've waited a whole 7 minutes now."

    6: Now it is safe to make a new topic asking a question.
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    Is that literally the only thing you can post?
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