Please help me!!!

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    Oct 30, 2009
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    2G iPod touch

    i was trying to edit the "Slide to unlock" on the Lockscreen.

    But i messed it up and it shows the wrong letters etc.

    so i decided to Restore my iPod Touch

    And it was working fine, but when it got halfway through it said "iPod could not restore for a unknown reason (6)" or something very similar.

    And then my iPod turned off, and i couldn't get it into DFU mode or turn it on or anything. Everytime i plug it in it says "Device has Malfuncioned on Windows"

    After a few tries of holding Home button when plugging in iPod, it turned on and iTunes picked it up.

    after iTunes finishes restoring the iPod, the iTunes window pops up saying to leave your ipod in.

    i leave it in.

    and then a windows popup comes back saying device has malfunctioned and it can't be read.

    i went on device manager and it says Unknown Device

    Please help me!!!

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