Please help me get rid of black screen

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by ipodmomma4u2, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Oct 27, 2009
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    2G iPod touch
    Please help me. My daughters iPod Touch Gen2 wouldn't turn on, I had her plug it into the computer. Nothing. Told her to recharge from wall. She did, the following morning there was moisture on the screen, not much but some. I put it in a bowl of rice and this morning the moisture is gone. Plugged it in to charge, never got the apple. Tried reset, nothing. Plugged it into computer and itunes DID recognize it and restored it, according to the itunes messages, but I still have a black screen. At some time during this process, not sure exactly when, I have seen the battery icon show up on a very dim screen, so I don't think the screen is cooked. I am just sure that since the computer recognized it, it cannot be a total loss. Please help.

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