Please Help Ipod Touch 2g Stuck

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dangelmax452, Jul 16, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    OK so I did a search and have found nothing. I have seen a couple of the same questions asked but they havent been solved.

    I have a 2nd gen Ipod touch, I was planning to jailbreak with cyw00d, but could only find a tutorial for 2.2.1 firmware I had 2.2 firmware installed and Itunes only gave the option to upgrade to 3.0. So I downloaded 2.2.1 software and the only info I found on the internet to install it was to hold shift+restore in itunes and choose the 2.2.1 ispw file which I did, after about 5 minutes it came back and said could not be restored. Now my Ipod is stuck in the connect to itunes logo.
    Itunes will not recognize the ipod at all neither will my computer, I get the Found new hardware wizard come up. The only thing ive seen suggested so far is to plug it into another usb port. That doesnt work. Ive held down the home and power button, no matter it continues to go right back to the same screen and each time found new hardware wizard comes up. Again I cant resore in itune because itunes does not know the ipod exists. Please Help.
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    Also I dont know if this helps but after writing this I installed a program that will automatically put the ipod in dfu mode without the button pressing. It looks like its just called dfu.exe, it cannot find the ipod either. Something happened and now its just like it doesnt exist.

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