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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Locriana, Jul 4, 2009.

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    I have not wanted to use sync because of the following:
    I keep my CD-ripped music on an external hard drive, and i don't want to have itunes erase my ipod (all 32 gigs of it), if i attach it when the hard drive is not hooked up, say to sync to new apps, etc.

    However, i wanted to get the album art onto my Touch, and was told that the only way to do it was to sync the music after downloading the art. So, i thought, i can temporarily synch it to get the art on there. BAD IDEA. I tried a test to get it to sync one playlist and it erased all the music i spent 2 days putting on there! (obviously checking the box which promised to warn me if any of the data was changed...doesn't work)

    Now, I'm trying to build a folder for my sync operation, so i point the itunes library to that. But trying the sync (early test), it goes into a major operation syncing hundreds of files -- which are not in the library folder.

    Turns out i have a bunch of playlists in itunes, and sync seems to be somehow finding the songs in those playlists. Is this how it works?? Hmmm, i think, maybe that's good, it will get all my songs back this way, and i won't have to search through the hard disk to find them all again.

    BUT, these are old playlists, and i don't want to use them permanently. But now, if i delete the playlists, will the next sync also delete the SONGS from those playlists?

    If i switch to manual mode, and add new songs, will i not be able to get the album art to go on the ipod after downloading it? Is the only way to get album art to be in sync mode?

    If i have to stay in sync mode, is there a way to get everything that's syncing now (from the old playlists) into one main syncing folder, so i can delete songs from the ipod, and have them just removed from that sync folder, and not from the main music folders on the external drive (where they are apparently syncing from now)

    I am so confused and the manual has nothing about this. I've even searched on apple website and everything i've found is simplistic and doesn't explain these things.

    If anyone can help me i'd sure appreciate it.

    PS I've deleted all the old playlists from itunes, restarted, and STILL the itunes library is including albums which are NOT IN THE FILE PATH. WHY? How can I stop this? How can i control the sync process if i don't even know why it is syncing these songs???

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