please help, i am having problems with mx tube!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kaseysmom, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    mxtube, please help!!!

    i used to have mxtube for my ipod. i moved and when i went to search for any videos it wouldn't let me. It would only allow me to play my videos. Now i could get online and my you tube worked but not the search on my mxtube. so I deleted if off and when i went to put it back on it wont allow me to download it back on. I am going into installer and then multimedia and mxtube. it says that it from an untrusted source and it may not be safe to install it but i click on it to install adn it doesnt intall it says it failed. Now this really bugs me becuase i loved my mx tube i used it all the time its really the thing i use the most and i cant get it back i have a 32 gig ipod touch and i had 467 music videos of awesome tunes now can anyone please help me to get this back!!!! so i have to do something on the computer becuase my husband bought me this for mothers day and we recently got divorced and i have no idea how to use it or what i am doing im trying to watch you tube videos and figure it out but nothing is working i cant get it back!!! Please anyone i am desperate!!!!!
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    Which firmware are you on? (Settings>General>About>Version near the bottom)

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