Please can SOMEONE help me jailbreak my ipod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by OMZNOMZNOMZ, Apr 16, 2010.


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    Okay, it's been 3 and a half hours now of reformatting, rebooting, restarting and more so I'm dying for a solution.

    I am using Windows 7 and I have a 2G 16gb iPod Touch. It holds 3.1.3 firmware and I want to install Blackra1n 3.1.2 onto it so that I can have it successfully jailbroken. I believe that I have so far read every single article and watch every single youtube video on how to jail break my iPod Touch and have come up with nothing but a blank screen, but on some occasions a "Connect to iTunes" screen or a frozen "Apple" screen. I have so far done pretty much the following:
    [*] Move the file to the direct C drive and launch from there - I have to move it to some iTunes folder on my computer to get it to work, or else it says (I think Dcll, or something along those lines) is missing and I need to reinstall the program. But no matter how many times I reinstall, it only works when I move it to this folder in my Apple folder on my PC.
    [*] Launch and hold down both home and power buttons when launching and letting go at apple screen
    [*] Same as step above but at apple screen only letting go of power button and holding down home button
    [*] Closing explorer.exe and running
    [*] Same step above but running blackra1n in high priority
    [*] Running blackra1n, letting it crash, opening blackra1n again and repeating until something happens
    [*] Running blackra1n, unplugging iPod, plugging back in, and running blackra1n again.
    [*] Doing every single thing I've listed above but this time from a shortcut on the desktop.
    [*] Downloading blackra1n 8 more times and repeating all the steps to make sure I have a good copy.

    I've also run everything in Windows XP mode and connected my ipod to a main USB port at the back of the computer.

    Please, I'm begging you. Is there SOMETHING I haven't done yet that will get my iPod Touch jailbroken?!?
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    well blackra1n doesnt work for 3.1.3, redsn0w 0.9.4 does that job, note it only works for Non Mc's
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    Yeah if you use redsn0w, you still need a 3.1.2 ipsw file.

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