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    Hey, ok, before everyone say the "On-the-go" list is enuff, let me explain my case, I'm a dj. Since I have to be getting tunes from promos to classic songs to make a new mix, I load my ipod every week with tons of new music . After skipping bad songs, i finally find one... and all i can do is to classify it with a star or with 2 or 4 or whatever...but wait, i only want that drum and bass song for a mix... it doesnt really deserve my 4 stars of my whoooole collection.

    Besides... there is this other hip hop mix i have to do... and the mixtape of cheesy songs my girlfriend asked to me... "On-the-go" playlist? it really in this... i cant be playing songs and adding them to a different playlist, i have to order them BEFORE playing them.

    So what i need? an app. This is the idea, i suggest and beg for an app which reads the name and artist of the song currently playing, and then when a find a song for a mix, i could press a button (or a widget or as it is named) in the music app, it will display some options like add current tune to category, add new category, turn off, etc. Then choose a predefined (and editable) category, and then this little program could export the name of the song to that classification. And save it there. I'm not saying a playlist for the ipod or itunes, i'm just asking to get a list of songs that could be classified in different classes. The app would read the name of the song and the artist and then copy it maybe to the notepad or in an email under the sentence "drum and bass mix" and when i find this other hip hop song, copy the name and the song under the line that says "hip hops mix" and so on, i dont want this playlist to be read in the itunes language since i know it would be messy and could mess your library, but it would be very helpful if the list could be in the m3u format, But if that cannot be, only the name of the songs and the artist would be great even in a txt file.

    Why? because it is easier to locate 20 songs for a mix, than playing again and again all the songs carrying in your ipod and tryiong to figure out how many stars you agve em the first time. I know there are others wanting this. I hope some great programmer with awesome skills could do this...can you? and my english...sorry I havent dated any of those cute american and british girls that have come this year to study spanish

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    lately, you know...the girlfriend menace.

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