Planes, Brains and Automobiles Speeds onto the App Store

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    Pit your brain against friends, foes, and Mr. Brain himself! FREE for a limited time.

    Planes fly by shooting out bubbles filled with numbers, you use your brain to pop the bubbles and solve math problems. The faster you create and solve your equations, the faster your race car will move. The goal is to win each race and advance to a more difficult level.

    Increase your fun to mind boggling levels by adding up to four players, each with his/her own iPhone or iPod Touch.

    How to get the game:

    You can download Planes, Brains and Automobiles directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch via the App Store on your device. Simply search for eBattalion or Planes, Brains and Automobiles. Alternatively you can download the game from iTunes with this link.

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    Seems like a cool game. Will be downloading.

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