Physics problem - could someone help me?

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    Hey i have a physics problem that i need to solve for school, if someone could help me it would be appreciated

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    I'll try to translate it the best as i can, but there may be some mistakes. Ok, here it goes:

    A car is moving along a road at the speed of 25 meters/second, and is catching up to a truck in front of it which is moving at the speed of 20.5 meters/second. When the car driver begins to pass the truck he noticed that a bus is moving towards him. It was moving at the speed of 20 meters/second.
    Question: What is the smallest distance between the car and the bus in which the passing can start, if the truck was 25 meters ahead of the car on the beginning of the passing, and on the end of the passing the car has to be 20 meters ahead of the truck?

    I'll understand if I don't get any replies

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