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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by wearmaize, Jun 3, 2010.

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    I have a minor issue and I'm wondering if it could be addressed.

    I was curious if there was some way to set it so a double tap of the home button, or any of the actions available with Activator could be used to launch a 3rd party app. So for instance, upon receiving a text, I could just double tap the home button to open up GV Mobile.

    If this is somehow possible let me know.

    Background info (in case anyone cares):

    I use google voice for all my text messaging, and I use GV Mobile on my iPhone. I also use GriP with an app that pushes all new email so that any time I get a text I get an unobtrusive notification. However, tapping the notification (whether it's the standard popup alert or otherwise) opens up the push app, which then loads my mail and it takes awhile to get to the text I'd like to reply to. Obviously this isn't really a fault of the push app.
    I also use Backgrounder and ProSwitcher to multitask, though it is still often a hassle to activate proswitcher and then find GV Mobile in the list of running processes.

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