iOS 4.0 People who are still having problems with sn0wbreeze.

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    Okay so here's the deal.
    Many people are asking me and others about sn0wbreeze.
    Here's a tutorial.
    It should work work still and just follow the instructions.

    Okay so many of you had problems with the iH8sn0w jailbreak. I think i finally figured out how to make it work. Credits to simpsons here on ipodtouchfans and andressolers on iH8sn0w's Forums for uploading their iBooty folders and of course iH8sn0w himself.

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    Make sure your device is on 3.1.2 firmware. You don't have to jailbreak it for this to work.

    1. Get sn0wbreeze 1.7

    2. Get the 4.0 firmware for your device (2G if you've got 8gb mc, 3G otherwise)

    3. Run sn0wbreeze, choose "Expert mode", browse for the 4.0 firmware you downloaded.

    4. Go to "General" and make sure "Disable NOR Flash" is checked and set root partition to 1024 mb, then next the rest and create the firmware

    5. Download the iBooty folder: for 3G 32gb/64gb ([]) or here ([])

    for 8gb mc model ([])

    6. Move all files from the folder directly onto your desktop

    7. Switch off your device, plug it off and plug it back in holding the home button. When you see the usb -> iTunes logo let go of the button.

    8. Close iTunes

    9. Run iBooty and prepare your device for custom firmware. 64bit users use Windows XP SP 2 compatibility mode! (thx to xinzhitan14)

    10. When you see the Waiting for custom firmware logo open up iTunes (9.2 is fine) and shift restore now choosing the custom firmware made in sn0wbreeze

    11. Cross your fingers

    12. If all went well without errors and you got the usb -> iTunes logo again, close iTunes, open up iBooty once again and choose boot it.

    13. After it's done (and all went well) you should see the snowflake and it should boot up. Now the usb -> iTunes logo will show again, this time with statusbar. Open up iTunes and choose configure as new iPod.

    14. Your done! Enjoy your jailbroken ipt 3G

    Please post if this has worked for you. Of course i don't take any responsibility if you brick your device.

    When you're done you can move the iBooty files into any folder for following boots.[/QUOTE]

    Not my tutorial, some one else made this. I am not taking credit for other people's hard work.
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    3G iPod touch
    i have jailbroken my itouch many times from my 8gb 2nd gen to now my 8gb 3rd gen itouch..but i cant for the life of me jailbreak my itouch using snowbreeze..i read the tutorials and everything but i cant seem to get it to i give up
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    iPhone 4S (Black)
    Not all 64-bit computers need to use compatibility mode, just Windows 7 has had that problem.
    I have tested it on Windows XP and Vista

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