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    I am awaiting the arrival of my Touch for Christmas, but I just want to learn all I can about it before I get it. i was at first reluctant to get it because of the price and the small storage, but I have resolved that I only need 8 gigs to roll with and I have a ext. hd that I can keep extra crap if needed. The only reason I wanted the touch over the iphone is because I already have a phone, but had no ipod. If I had no phone I would of held out for the iPhone. I'm probably still gonna get it.

    My main thing is web apps and video. I am under the impression at the time of this posting, that I can install a mail app and I can convert any video or dvd and play it on the Touch. Please let me know if I am correct in this or if I need more info.
    Thanks and I hope I can be of some help to someone in he future. I am a Multimedia designer and an avid music and movie buff.

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