PC restarts after I plug in my iPod.....

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Sara_Elizabeth, Feb 8, 2010.

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    I seriously am in dying need of help.
    I've searched everywhere for a solution and nothing helps.

    So whenever I plug in my touch, my PC restarts itself.
    I removed the Apple Mobile Device Support and the PC stayed on just fine. (So to those who just need charging, just remove that if you have this problem)
    But I'm still confused.
    Awhile back I installed a Logitech webcam and that was the cause of it.
    Just recently I installed it again and forgot so I removed it and nothing seemed to change...
    I've removed even the printer software and such but NOTHING helps!

    I am so very confused.
    Any help would be grand.

    Thanks =)

    I Fixed it!
    Instead of restoring it with my backup, I just restored it fresh.
    It works now!
    But I lost all my calendar stuff and contacts.
    Not a big problem though!
    If this happens to anyone else, this might just be the fix!

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