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    just noticed this in a thread over on

    Conniption Entertainment to give away $4.99 iPhone game for FREE the day after Thanksgiving
    SAN DIEGO, CALIF., November 24, 2008 – Conniption Entertainment to give away Pathways, the “Monster Puzzle Game” awarded EDITORS’ CHOICE by, on “Black Friday”, the well known bargain shopping day that takes place the day after Thanksgiving (November 29th).

    “We are very pleased with the games success, and to show our excitement, the company’s giving it away for free!” Said Daniel Desserich, Lead Level Designer for Pathways.

    The free giveaway will be followed by a holiday sale where Pathways will sell for $0.99 until the end of the year.

    What people are saying about Pathways
    “A lot of gameplay sprinkled with an unusual dose of comedy” –

    “Quite fun, addicting, awesome music!” – Zym iPhone Reviews

    “Monster Puzzle Game” – Matt Dunn,

    “The best puzzler on the app store, hands down” – Alza, Australian App Store Review

    Game Synopsis
    An afternoon adventure turns bad... lost in the woods... a friend goes missing...

    This exciting new game puts you in the shoes of a curious young boy looking for adventure. It's up to YOU to navigate through challenging and brain stimulating PATHWAYS in order to find your missing friend!

    Seventy-five addicting levels, each progressively harder than the last, will leave you scratching your head as you make your way towards the climactic ending.

    Along with a host of puzzles, the original soundtrack and appealing art style will keep you grooving as you travel through deep dark dungeons filled with new adventure and mystery around every corner.

    - Original game play
    - 75 Challenging puzzle levels
    - Great storyline with cut-scenes
    - Original sound track
    - Easy touch navigation
    - Auto save

    Screenshots & Video
    Screenshots and game play video can be found at

    Media Kit
    Media kit including downloadable screenshots and link-able video can be found at

    About Conniption Entertainment
    Conniption Entertainment, located in San Diego, California, is devoted to creating games that include outstanding game play, unique innovative design, and dazzling graphics. As a gaming company we bring fun, engaging, and polished games to consumers and provide the market with worthwhile gaming. High-quality entertainment and service will always be a priority at Conniption Entertainment as we continue to bring you new and exciting games. Conniption Entertainment is a division of Seltmann Systems LLC.
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    iPod touch
    sweet, will eb gettin that..

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