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Discussion in 'Linux' started by fckinfamous, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Im currently running on ubuntu right now booting from it so i can partition.Below this i have posted a picture of my partition.

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    Question: I tried to install vista on my laptop but something went wrong and when i try to boot from it, it doesnt allow me too. Which one of those partitions or whatever do i have to delete to get rid of windows vista? What is that unallocated? and which one of those contains the files for ubuntu? if i resize it while it still has proper files in it will anything get messed up? thanks in advance.
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    The unallocated isn't important.

    The Vista one is the 3GB NTFS partition. The reason it didn't work is because that is too small to fit all of Vista on.

    Resizing (after deleting the silly NTFS partitions) will not harm and of your data in Linux, which is housed on /dev/sda5.

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