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Discussion in 'iPod touch in the Enterprise' started by hourog, Jul 19, 2008.

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    When syncing between Outlook and the iPod touch, events show up in the calendar as they should.

    However, in the calendar mode, the contact associated to the event does not appear. It's great to know I have an important phone call to make at 2:00 pm, or I need to send a sales letter, but to WHOM?

    Am I missing a setting to get all the information coordinated properly?

    I have used the touch as a pda successfully since last Nov. when the guys on this forum helped me jailbreak the touch, so I could use the iPhone apps. Now with the inclusion of search in contacts under 2.0, life is really sweet!

    The touch has replaced my need to carry a laptop on most trips. Less weight, less stuff!

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