Otterbox 2600 Series PDA Case Review

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    This case from Otterbox is a waterproof, airtight, dustproof generic PDA case. Get the Armor case if you have an iPod Touch 2nd/3rd gen[].com/imgbnc.php/1517d563fd13be7b1d5fb052b08acc5d5g.jpg[].com/dtcm2c9ccxyg/kgmyzd4hn4z/opened.JPG
    As you can see, the case is very bulky and has a lot of padding...[].com/imgbnc.php/abd3d9a0c832cd3f62bff47ec7a30a475g.jpg[].com/imgbnc.php/9d1e6c7086e69901ad07b5c467a3e4755g.jpg Otterbox added a hand strap so it's not that hard to hold[].com/imgbnc.php/29b886c6effa84123e51abd78b3428ec5g.jpg[].com/h2xy2xzkclng/mq43zzwk5zo/instructions.JPG
    It also has a stylus holder for PDAs and Instructions on how to put it on and how to switch the front plastic sheet
    It has amazing protection, there is no way you could break your device while it's inside
    Style & Form
    For a waterproof case, it's not half bad– it doesn't have a really complex, obscure locking mechanism and allows basic access; however, it's competitor (the H2O Audio Amphibx Waterproof Armband) allows headphone use with the case.
    It is probably the cheapest waterproof case from a reliable company(except Armor for iPod Touch on sale for same price, but with waterproof earbuds) and is a good value
    Only the front home button and touchscreen is accessible and everything else is inaccessible, the only good part is that you can still lock your idevice w/ sbsettings->power->lock and make calls using a bluetooth headset
    It would be better if they made cases for specific devices (like they used to), but it isn't terrible right now
    8.5/10 (B)

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