OS X Accounts (possibly terminal?)

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    Here's what I had to to:

    • Downgrade from Snow Leopard to Leoapard
    • Archive my "newer OS" to install Leopard
    • Time Machine wouldn't restore directly because I backed up from a newer OS, so I needed to make a new "main" account
    • Then I realised that there was a fix for my problem, so I reupgraded Leopard again to Snow Leopard
    • Now on Snow Leopard again, Time Machine DOES work, so I needed to create a new other admin account to restore to (does NOT have the same permissions as the original one)

    So now I have two accounts: One is the designated "main" account. It has all my documents, apps, etc - but does NOT have application settings which is kind of vital.

    My other account has all my documents, apps aswell, but DOES have my old application settings.

    So here's what I'm asking:

    1. Could I bring my old application settings from the secondary account? And if so how (in particular, I can't find Safari settings/bookmarks or 1Password database)
    2. Or could I make the non-main account have MAIN account permissions? (i.e. this non-main account can't look at all folders, and can't looks directly into time machine.) and then can i DELETE the old "main" account

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    Sorry if it seems a bit confusing. I seem to have ballsed this all up. If I had waited one more day instead of downgrading, I wouldn't be in this mess.

    Thanks all..
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    I think copying the stuff in ~/Library(/Users/username/Library) from the the old to the new would bring most things. Although permissions probably need to be changed. More specifically, Safari Bookmarks are in ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist, and Settings are in ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Safari.plist. As for 1Password, it might be in ~/Library/Application Support, in its own folder in ~/Library/, or maybe even in Keychain. I don't know about it since I don't use it.

    Number 2, I can't help with, but changing permission in a top folder, and applying recursively might work to let you open them.

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