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    Price: $0.99

    Version: 1.20

    Developer: Blue Wind

    iTunes Store Link: Original Snake / Original Snake Lite

    [What is Original Snake?]

    Original Snake is the classic snake game with a few twists. The first iDevice game published by the Korean developers Blue Wind, they have set the initial stone in their path.


    Controls are fairly straight-forward in Original Snake, you can choose one of two control types. The first is just tapping left or right of the screen and the snake will move left or right relative to it's current direction. Personally, I don't like it because I get very confused when it changes directions often. The second control type is much simpler and involves swiping your finger in the direction you want the snake to go.

    In Original Snake there are three different modes of play, though they are share the same controls and snake behavior.

    Normal Mode

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    This is the only mode available in the Lite version and consists navigating the snake to eat frogs. Each few seconds four frogs will appear and the frogs left uneaten from the spawn will disappear. The snake will grow with each frog eaten (not to mention an addition of points) and also gain speed. Avoid the edges of the screen and the snake's ever-growing tail to stay alive.

    Obstacle Mode

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    Obstacle mode is similar to Normal mode except there is now more time to eat the four frogs that appear (seven seconds). Frogs left alive turn into yellow obstacles that will kill the snake should it run into one.

    Item Mode

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    Same as game play as original mode but with items. Items randomly spawn and disappear as frequently as frogs do, though they spawn at different times than frogs. Items available are speed up, slow down, which are change the speed of the snake until it grows (will speed up) or gets another one of the speed/slow items. There's a blue frog which supposedly gives "double points", I've yet to find out whether it gives double the points of a normal frog, or gives double points for any normal frogs eaten for it's duration. In any case, it's safe to assume the blue frog is a good item. There's also an apple that strangely is a bad item; it turns all normal frogs on the screen into the yellow obstacles seen in the previous mode. In addition poison is an item, eat it and the snake will lose one square of size and twice the points of a normal frog will be deducted. The last item is an uber item, a cherry that turns every empty square into a candy cane (which can be eaten for points)for a small amount of time.


    First and foremost, there is no pause button. This is extremely irritating, thankfully, games don't usually last that long, but still, I'd like to pause. Since you can't pause, there is no pause menu either, there is options in the main menu though. It consists of choosing between the two control types, and turning sound on or off.

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    It's okay, I don't understand it either.

    As you can see, the game is poorly translated, which leads to confusion with controls. The left option is tap left or right of the screen to turn left/right and the right option is the swipe controls. I hope they get better translating services in the future.

    The main menu also has a typo, see if you can spot it.

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    Hint: Normal

    After figuring out the controls and such, the translation errors don't matter much. As for the graphics, they're nice and simple, decent for a small game such as this.

    [Extra Info]


    I absolutely adore the audio snippets in Original Snake, when the frogs spawn there are a couple of different cute things the snake will say. Moreover, grabbing items and eating frogs will cause the snake to say things in either English or Korean. The blend of two different languages is a very welcome concept. The background music fits the game's easy going atmosphere perfectly.

    [Replay Value]

    Personally, this will be a game I'll only play when killing a few minutes on the bus or whatnot, not necessarily an hour upon hour game.

    The game does feature a high score table for each mode which lends a bit of replay value, at the moment it is insanely easy to get on the Top 8 in Obstacle and Item mode, but not Normal mode. I assume Normal mode is filled with skilled Lite owners.

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    Bragging rights!

    [Final Thoughts]

    The Lite version is a definite grab, it's one of the best Lites you can get. That being said for $0.99 the full version is not badly priced, although I do wish Apple would introduce a lower tier than $0.99 for games like these. Yes, this snake game is innovative in Item mode and Obstacle mode, doesn't mean it's worth $0.99. Though this is the one of the best snake games for its price.

    I believe there could be more that can be done for this game, snake is a classic game and there could have been so much more. Such as a powerup to destroy obstacles, or a mode that removes the edges of the screen to loop back to the other side. Things like that.


    Gameplay/Controls: 6/10 - Not particularly engaging for lengthy amounts of time, controls are solid.

    Presentation/Graphics: 7/10 - Graphics fit the type of game. Isn't anything special unfortunately.

    Audio: 9/10 - The most adorable audio snippets ever. This is what saves the game from abysmal boredom.

    Replay Value: 6/10 - A time-waster but not a true "Just wait, going to finish this game" kind of game.

    Value for the Money: 6/10 - For $0.99 it's one of better priced snake games in the app store. I don't believe it's worth it though, if only Apple had a $0.50 pricing tier.

    Reviewers License: Minus 3 points (from the addition of all the ratings) - This is the first time I have used this and it's because there are hundreds of snake games on the app store. I felt that they did try to bring something new to this old classic, but alas, not enough.

    Overall: 6.2/10 - "Fair". Not exactly the most wanted game but not bad either. ​

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    I agree with the Reviewers License points deduction. That's there to allow us to award or take away a few points depending whether a game is breaking new ground or a tired old clone of many other similar apps. Another great Radish review!

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