OpenSSH cannot be enabled without rebooting in 1.1.3 firmware

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    Today I upgraded my iTouch to 1.1.3 and reinstalled OpenSSH and Netservices.
    In the Netservices, there is an OpenSSH switch which is used to turn on/off the OpenSSH server.
    Before upgrading, I can turn on/off the OpenSSH in the Netservices without rebooting. With 1.1.3 firmware, I can only turn off OpenSSH within Netservices. Once the OpenSSH was turned off and I turned it on later in the Netservices, I cannot connect to iTouch by SSH. It seems that OpenSSH server is not on. Only after rebooting iTouch, SSH can be connected.
    If somebody encountered this problem, try to reboot your iTouch.

    This is because there is a new account named mobile in 1.1.3. When we play the iTouch, the account is mobile not the root in the previous firmwares. Thus mobile account does not have the privilege to start system process such as OpenSSH.

    Just SSH to iTouch and cd to the Netservices folder. Use the following command to fix it:
    chmod +s NetServices

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