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    This is the exact copy of a thread I made a long time ago in the games section before the emulator section was created. Since that topic was pretty much dead, I thought it would be appropriate to create one here.

    I'm not a Japanese speaker or writer or reader, but I do enjoy reading some of their visual novels, translated into Korean or English. For that reason, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about a possible Onscripter port for the iPod touch/iPhone. For those who don't know, Onscripter is an open-source implementation of Nscripter, a visual novel engine that allows the production and playing of interactive picture books. The latest source code and builds can be found here.

    I tried Googling "iphone onscripter" and found this blogpost, but as I can't read Japanese, all I could figure out from that was that someone at some point considered that the idea of an onscripter port on the iphone would be cool.

    Any information anyone has would be great.

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