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Discussion in 'Mobile Web Development' started by Ojame147, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Jan 9, 2008
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    A possibly useless thought, thus wasting my time. But i was scrolling through the forum and noticed stuff about a flash plug-in. How i'd love one. But its not availble yet so eh.

    But i was thinking, shows their videos as 'Quicktime' format. Is this correct? If it is, an idea would be to have an online converter such as, but have one that converts and allows you to view the 'converted video' online, this would be in Quicktime format if all is good. One would find a video in flash format, such as ones from or wherever [just off my head] and get the direct link, convert it with the online converter and watch it on ones iPod Touch.

    A far fetched thought, and would require some time i think. And no, i know it aint a solution for a flash plug-in because it offers no interaction. And it would probably drain your battery power. And be complicated. But hey, im thinking.

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