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    Just wondering what your opinions were on this. It sounds like a cool idea but i dont know how possible it is becuase if you have lag, not only will it mess up multiplayer but single player. Again your ideas on it would be cool. Thanks.

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    From the info I am getting, [from people that already play it]the lag is very minimal, you need a cable/dsl connection. There is a slight lag between when you move you mouse and when it registers, but that's miliseconds and does not make the gameplay unsmooth.

    It definitely not for hardcore gamers though, the compression ruins graphics and the lag will make hardcore gamers mad,=. But if you can't cough up $3000 for a crysis-semi-capable machine then it's a good bet.

    We'll just have to see where they take this, it a good concept, but there are some kinks.

    side note:
    There is already a thread on this

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