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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by apolloshepard, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Today I accidentally bought the StarMap application from the App Store on iTunes, I notified Apple and they sent me the following email:

    "Dear *********,
    I have reversed the charge for the accidental purchase you reported. You will see a credit of £6.99, plus any applicable taxes, in three to five business days. Please note that the iTunes Store Terms of Sale state that all sales are final, so this is a one-time exception.

    The best way to avoid unintentional purchases is to use the Shopping Cart. That way, you can consolidate and review your selections carefully and buy them when you're ready. Here's how to use the Shopping Cart:
    iTunes Store Customer Support

    I haven't recieved this "credit" yet, but I want to purchase another application now. If I was to purchase another application, will the "Credit" cover it and put money back into my bank account when I recieve it, or do I have to wait till I get this credit in my iTunes account, then buy the app.

    Basically, I don't want to take any more money out of my bank account, so does this "credit" for the refund get put back onto my card, or is it credit purely for use in the iTunes store?

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