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    5G iPod touch
    I have purchased an Asus EeePC laptop, running XP Home Edition, having only a total possible 16 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM.

    My intention is to use this netbook, instead of my vehicle battery-hog and need to have jumper cables three times Toshiba laptop. The netbook has never run down the battery in my vehicle.

    I think this Asus EeePC may be the best for driving trips. But it does have limited resources.

    iTunes is 75 MB and slows down my Toshiba laptop.

    This little Asus EeePC running XP needs something small and light.

    I looked at older versions of iTunes, starting at 19 MB (didn't work - no iTunesMobileDevice.dll said iPhone Explorer and IFunBox would not run either.

    iTunes 7 "sees" my device, and now iPhone Explorer and iFunBox will run.

    However, it will not let me use the Apple Store, unless I have iTunes 8.2

    iTunes 7 is already up to 61 MB. I don't even want to use it.

    iTunes 8.2 is 75 MB and it drags my Toshiba laptop 1.6 mHz CPU and 3 GB RAM to a standstill, if anything is runnng, like Firefox browser, for example. I definitely do not want to use it.

    I think I could settle for App Store app in my Touch.

    I think I will find apps at one of the websites that list, and review, Apple Store apps. Having the name of the app, then, I could use the App Store app Search.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    What is the smallest footprint and least resources iTunes that will let me have full features of the Apple Store?

    If there is no trim iTunes, for Touch 2G 3.0, then,

    What is the smallest footprint and least resources iTunes that will let iPhone Explorer (needs iTunesMobileDevice.dll) or iFunBox (needs Apple Mobile Device) run? Is it possible just to insert the .dll in the right folder?

    If I have to do a restore, I could always go to the Toshiba.

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