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    Normally im helping others, but tonight I need your help.

    Basically, I installed new Installer 3.0 (everything seemed sick and cool with the new features).

    I went to new packages, added 3 things to the "Queue" Summerboard for 1.1.3, NateTrue Themes (1 restore + 2 themes was the description), and update for iSteamy (let's not go there).

    Anyways, my ipod started re-springing, non-stop. Since it was plugged in I could hear each respring. I thought this was normal because I am installing 3 apps.

    It went WAY past 3, I figured it froze so I hard reset. Now, normally my iPod would be stuck at the "Apple Logo" screen, but I did the "different start-up" using Terminal vty. Allows me to see the boot process.

    ANYWAYS the problem is, it wont boot to the springboard. If it is plugged in then my ipod makes the non-stop respring. If it is unplugged it's last thing it does is this: "Connecting to Houghton Connection, Connected". NOW, it is saying this line: "Waiting for remote debugger connection. Please run: ~luna/bin/panicDebug -a -armlocalhost".

    I can SCP into my iPod, any ideas anyone?

    I am going to try replacing the Springboard in System, maybe it will restore it, but will I loose all my apps on my current springboard?

    Sorry for all the reading, thanks for the help though.

    EDIT: Never mind guys, deleted Summerboard. Respringed the second after, I looked in the SMBPref.app, there was only 1 file (my guess is it didnt install or download correctly), lmao.

    Delete or let it die, i'd like to thank this time for BossPrefs putting SSH on restart you just saved me from a restore

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    Moral: Install Summerboard last.

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