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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by xXrkidXx, Apr 18, 2010.

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    Umm ok I really screwed up..

    I was following this guide that was trying to free up system memory and (on the first step) I got to where it told me to

    /bin/cp -R -p /System/Library/Fonts /private/var/Fonts
    /bin/rm -rf /System/Library/Fonts
    /bin/ln -s /private/var/Fonts /System/Library/Fonts

    And I got done with the 2nd line but I screwed up typing on the 3rd line and so I exit terminal and then I resprung my iPhone and now its just vibrating twice(aka the plug in vibrate) and it wont do anything.. Im pretty sure it can't find the fonts to start up with correct? So I really need help on getting it to work again because I really need my phone today and a restore would be an incredibly sucky option so what can I do???


    Hard reboot = Apple logo for awhile and then Apple logo with the respring icon... CRAP Computer isn't recognizing it when trieng to boot normally...

    EDIT 2

    Ok.. Just built a custom IPSW with PwnedgeTool.. Hopefully this goes well :\ And hopefully I can restore to 3.1.2.. it would be faster because I already had that IPSW...

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    Error 1601 :'( Wtf! Theres no SHSH checks as its a 3G so why wont it restore???

    God I love iREB

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