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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jimenitayo, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Hi All
    I've been trying to get offline maps on my ipod touch (1G, 16gb, jailbroken), for WEEKS now!
    I've done searches, read threads, gone to sites, downloaded software, tried everything I could, but I just dont know how to do it.
    can someone help?
    I really want this to work, it would be my favorite app, I get lost all the time!

    I have some questions:
    I downloaded a sample map to my computer (XP), so I have a sqlitedb file already... but how do I get it into the ipod? people seem to skip over this step, im guessing it's pretty basic, but I just dont know how to do it.
    I know it has to go into: /var/mobile/Media/Maps/, but how does that happen?

    also, I had trouble with GDML. I installed it, and watched the tutorial, but when I try to create the file, it keeps saying "failed".

    thanks for helping a noob. I've really been trying hard to do this on my own, but I just can't get there.

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