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    Official Review Team Scoring System

    This is the Review Scoring System as used by the Review Team.
    We encourage you to use it in all your reviews.

    [important note: honesty is the most important aspect in reviewing]

    __________________ Components __________________

    The scores for your review needs to be broken down into five components. These components are slightly different for games and other apps.


    • Presentation & Graphics
      • (graphics, menus, interfaces, buttons etc.)
    • Audio
      • (quality & variety of sound effects, music & voices)
    • Gameplay & Controls
      • (overall performance, bugs, responsiveness, easiness to learn)
    • Replay Value
      • (addictive qualities, game depth, modes/difficulty levels, length, etc.)
    • Value For Money
      • (comparison to similar games, cost vs. content)
    Other Apps
    • Features
      • (feature depth, usefulness, etc.)
    • GUI
      • (graphics & interface appearance, ease of use, etc.)
    • Audio
      • (quality & variety of sound effects, music & voices)
    • Reuse Value
      • (overall usefulness, springboard staying power)
    • Value For Money
      • (comparison to similar apps, cost vs. content)
    _______________ Component Scoring _______________

    Reviews are scored out of 5 stars with half stars allowed. The easiest way to score each app component shown above is to find which of the following 'descriptors' describes it best and then use the assigned numerical score for that descriptor.

    • n/a ................. component is not present
    • 0.5 .................. atrocious
    • 1.0 .................. awful
    • 1.5 .................. bad
    • 2.0 .................. weak
    • 2.5 .................. average
    • 3.0 .................. fair
    • 3.5 .................. good
    • 4.0 .................. great
    • 4.5 .................. excellent
    • 5.0 .................. unrivalled
    _______________ Average Score _______________

    Take the average of the component scores. Most of the time this will mean simply adding them all up and dividing by five. However if, for example, there is no sound and so the Audio component score is n/a then you will add up the the four other scores and divide by 4. Round your final score to the closest half a point (.5) to give an average score out of 5.

    _______________ Checking _______________

    You can use the Average Score Descriptors below to check yourself and your scores. Does the descriptor appropriately describe your app? It should do but if it feels wrong then you may want to go back and check your arithmetic and look again at your component scores to check for errors.

    • 5.0: Unrivaled
      • This app is perfect in every way. No bugs, glitches, or discernible problems. You would gladly use this at any time and recommend it to others with no regrets whatsoever.

    • 4.5: Excellent
      • An app in this range is nearly perfect. Almost no bugs, and if any, they are very minor and come in minute numbers. Extremely fun/useful.

    • 4.0: Great
      • This app is very fun/useful. It is most likely worth buying, and has an abundance of good features. There may be few minor setbacks, but the overall good features outweigh them.

    • 3.5: Good
      • An app that is "Good" tends to be worth buying. There are many good features, but the app still has noticeable problems or issues here and there.

    • 3.0: Fair
      • Apps in this range start to have noticeable issues. Many bugs/glitches may still be present. The app is usable, but shoul be approached with hesitation.

    • 2.5: Average
      • In our system, average is not good. The overall use of this app can be a chore, and there is a large amount of room for improvement. The app struggles to compete with others in it's genre.

    • 2.0: Weak
      • Apps in this category probably should have stayed in development. This is one of many similar apps and has no features that stand out.

    • 1.5: Bad
      • These apps may have a few good features, but there is an overwhelming amount of setbacks. It is not really recommendable.

    • 1.0: Awful
      • Apps in this range have almost no features at all. There is an abundance of bugs and/or glitches and it is painful to make use of the app.

    • 0.5: Atrocious
      • Ouch! The rare app that seems as if it was developed in 30 seconds. Don't even consider getting this app. Enough said.

    _______________ Tagging _______________

    Please tag your review by the score to indicate you have used the official scoring system.

    _______________ Legal Blurb _______________

    This scoring system is offered under a Creative Commons License. You may use it for your own projects, however it may not be used for any commercial purpose. If used, you must source it to the original scoring system at and give reference to iPod touch Fans. If altered in any way it must be stated that your system is an altered version of the original and your version of the scoring system must in turn be offered under the same Creative Commons License.

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    The iPod Touch Fans Official Review Scoring System by iPod Touch Fans MR Team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.​

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    Wow nice system. This should help review scores be more accurate.
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    Woah, and it's even got some rights reserved, nice.
  4. Tourniquet.

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    woow, nice work.

    i think this is very usefull for them

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  5. Rainstar182

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    Cool. Thats a good idea. I'll be sure to use it.
  6. Kingmasterz

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    Dec 5, 2009
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    2G iPod touch
    Age of conquest North america Review

    I rate Age of Conquest 4.5/5 stars!
    This game is just like the board game "Risk!" but with a new style. Worth the money spent on this game. If you like stragtegic conquering games this is a must have!

  7. _JKK_

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    Are you kidding me?

    Please, have you not bothered to even look at this section? Its dedicated to informational reviews, not short, ads.

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