[OFFICIAL] iPod Touch Connection Errors After 3.1.3 Update.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ipodderhelp, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    There has been numerous threads in which users of the iphone/ipod touch has the "connect to USB/iTunes" image after updates to firmware 3.1.3. This is the thread to compile the possible solutions. I will be monitoring the thread and in the post below, will list out all the possible methods (and responses from the users) to get around this problem.

    To be part of this, you must satisfy the following criteria:
    This is to make sure that we are talking about the same problem.

    1) Problem must occur AFTER the release of firmware 3.1.3.
    2) Your PC might detect the connection of a USB device. It claims it to be in recovery mode, but have no way to install the hardware.
    3) iTunes does not recognize your device.
    4) After start up of the iPod, there is an image asking you to connect to USB
    5) You have checked the Device Manager, and besides the USB devices logo, there is a small yellow triangle, which signals that the driver is not installed.
    6) You have tried to link the driver install location to C:\Windows\system32\drivers or C:\Windows\inf, but to no avail. The device remains uninstalled.
    7) You already reinstalled the latest version of iTunes, but problem remains

    If you fit into all the above criteria, you are invited to start the thread running. =)
    Some of us tend to not consider the costs that may come with repairs, thinking that they will last forever. Like many other manufacturers, these companies charge a premium when diagnosing our devices. That is not a guarantee of a possible solution to a problem. This thread is to help people like me who want to try any possible means of solving problems ourselves before going down to the service centers, to save some effort and time.

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