Numeric track access app for Touch, a la CD

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    Nov 2, 2009
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    Hello Folks,

    Newbie question / request here. Are there any apps yet for a 0-9 numerical keypad on the touch screen that would allow direct selection of numbered tracks on the Ipod? So, tracks named 1.wav, 11.wav and 11111.wav could be selected by a single, double, or pentuple tap on the '1' on the screen.

    What I describe is simply CD player functionality, but the lack of this in Ipods and servers is why I have stayed out of the computer audio scene so far -- it is just too laborious and unfriendly to type 'Sym' and then scroll though all the symphonies to reach the one I want where five taps could bring up any one of 10,000 tracks instantly. I assume that track tags could still be appended to the file for all those who still want to see year, artist, etc.

    Please, I'm interested in this issue, not all the ways this might be worked around with playlists etc. Music serving was supposed to streamline listening to digital audio, and in the core respect of track access, it does not...


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