Now way to get into DFU Mode, Can Jailbreaking still be possible on Ipod touch 1G ?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 3.0' started by Archangeldawn, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have past experience with jail breaking my ipod touch 2.2.1 with quickpwn. I am confused after reading numerous threads about the new jail breaking software blackra1n and redsn0w.
    Is one more specific for the type of OS and Ipod Generation?

    My second question is, deadlyvirus commented that I Do not need to enter DFU mode in order to jailbreak my 1G ipod touch. However in the process of upgrading from 2.2.1 to 3.0, I forgot if i will have to enter DFU mode in order to upgrade. In Evostance's "[tutorial] How to Jailbreak to 3.0 - Windows" he mentions going into DFU in step 5.
    The issue here is that I am unable to enter DFU mode due to my Ipod Touch's Home button not functioning any longer. I will only be upgrading from 2.2.1 to 3.0 (Or do you recommend 3.1.2?) and then jail breaking with blackra1n, correct?

    Thank you so much for the advice, it is greatly appreciated
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    upgrade to 3.1.2 and JB with Blackra1n!

    you don't need to enter DFU mode for that.

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