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    Came across this program that lets you make and compile apps for iPhone and iPod touch, if you guys are following me on Twitter, I confirmed it works and is legit. It's called Sentenza.

    The following is token straight from there site,

    With Sentenza you can finally develop, on PC (Windows Microsoft), web applications intended for platforms iPhone OS (iPhone and iPod Touch jailbreaked). Conceive your web applications (xHTML/Ajax/JavaScript/jQuery/...) with your favourite tools (IDE), and compile them in independent applications IPA to install via iTunes.

    Sentenza is a compilation kit for Microsoft Windows, with you will have absolutely no lines code to be programmed. This fully visual tool is going to allow you to compile very quickly your web applications in applications iPhone, without you asking questions.

    To optimize the display and the performances of your applications, a manual is supplies, guiding you throughout the production line with Sentenza. A librairy is also available, integral kits and files sources, allowing you to get closer to closer to the native interface iPhone.

    Buy it today, only half price $9.99 or try the limited demo!

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