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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by papple77, Apr 24, 2010.

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    iPod touch
    had a look at the various other 'sync prob' threads and cant find an answer to my specific prob:

    Ipod touch
    itunes installed
    all up to date software wise
    have done the various reboots on ipod,reinstalled itunes etc.

    got 6.5 gb of music on my itunes but only use about 5gb on my ipod at anyone time.the relevant music I want on my ipod has been ticked in itunes (the tracks I dont want are left blank) when trying to sync the ipod itunes states I wont have enough room to put 6.5g onto it(fair enough), but this is odd as I have not ticked approx 1.5g of my music and should have plenty of room left even accounting for approx 500mb of Apps as well.

    have took all my Apps off and still this space problem occurs,any ideas please how to solve it?


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