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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jaytheman, Dec 16, 2008.

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    i have: 2nd gen ipod touch and my computer is a windows xp home edition with service pack 3 built by me.

    My problem is that when i hook up the ipod touch to the computer it does not recognize it at all or sometimes it does but very rare.

    i tried all the services and device manager thingy but no help. i tried to restore it and hold down the 2 buttons but nothing. the onlything shows is if i turn my computer off, if my ipod touch is out of battierys the computer(when its off) will recharge the ipod touch which makes it show on the ipod touches screen that its recharging( the battery thats red with the lightning bolt). also when the ipod has no batteries if my computer is on and running if i unplug all the usb's that im using which is my keyboard and my mouse then it shows that it is recharging but if i let it wait thier it doesnt go to the home screen or anything it stays at the recharge screen.

    before it use to show up as a camera then go away or it shows that its plug then go away real quick.

    i have tried about everything people have posted such as. uninstalling reinstalling, i also reformated my computer, restored the ipod, manage devices, i checked for cameras. i restarted my computer a whole bunch of times, i did the 6R's, i have usb 2.0.

    could anyone help please and thanks i been at this for about a week when i restored my ipod touch because my friend locked it and didnt know the password

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