NOR-only boot logo change [help!]

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    hello, im trying to change my boot logo the nor only way, i followed all the steps evan with image tool, i replaced the applelogo file with the new one it created, put it in the nor only ipsw in the right area and renamed it applelogo.s5l8720x.img3 and when ever i go to restore, it shows my new logo loads then the apple logo shows up with the progress bar then it goes back to my logo, then it reboots with my old boot logo that i had before the new one im trying to put on and then itunes gives me error 6, i made the file the right size, set transparency by saving it as .png and save transparency in irfanview, and its like 237kb or something, can someone help me out? heres my boot logo, this oone dosn't have transparency set and stuff. (i tried like 15 times) im not sure if im doing something wrong with setting the transparency and stuff so if someone can fix it properlly how it should be, that would be great, or evan make the new apple logo file for me.

    thanks in advance!

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    sorry for the double post, but can anyone please help me, i don't wana do a full restore and atm my ipod is useless unless i can fix this problem.

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