(NOOB) Need Help On WinPwn!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by IpodtouchMM, Jul 24, 2008.

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    so i have a ipod touch and im on a 2.0 fimrware and when i open the winpwn 2.0 it says to open a firmware (browse) only button to click, but when i want to open the 2.0 firmware it doesn't reconqgize i. then i try the custom 2.0 firmware for ipod touch a guy said i needed. That doesnt work. but then when i try 1.1.4 firmware its reconqgies it. so do i need to make a customn 1.1.4 firmware and then downgrade? but i thought then if i donwgrade i wont have the appstore ans such.

    so can someone plz give me step by step instructions on winpwn cause i am new at this and lost!

    thanks (and the winpwn instructions on the website are useless to me)
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    come on someone should no
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    http://www.daviddietz.us - step by step pwning

    You can go to http://www.daviddietz.us to get the full step by step instructions and firmware needed to pwn your iPhone.

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