Noob guide to unlock iPhone/Hacking iPod Touch with Ziphone

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    How to unlock/hack any iPhone/ iPod Touch

    1. Download Ziphone from
    2. Open the thing you just downloaded and it will open to a screen and hit the “unzip” option.
    3. Once it is unzipped open that folder that should be on your desktop and open the file “Ziphone GUI” it will be the last one and will have a golden lock icon.
    4. Plug in iPhone/iPod Touch and open iTunes, go to the iPhone/iPod Touch folder on the left side and on the summary tab hit the restore option(make sure before you do any of this that the person you are doing this to have backed up all there music/videos/contacts/photos to there computer!!) This will take about 5 minutes, once it is done the iPhone should say slide for emergency call, and the iPod Touch should be on the regular main screen.
    5. After all that open the “Ziphone GUI I told you about earlier and for the iPhone hit the “Do it all” option and for the iPod Touch hit the “Jailbreak” option. The iPhone/iPod touch will have scripts running down the screen and have a “Z” on the screen part of the time also. This process will take about 5 minutes.
    6. YOU ARE DONE! Did anything go wrong? Just PM me
    7. Now you are done so the screen will look normal except for now you have a Installer icon (you’ll also have that “Z” icon on it also but you can delete that by holding it down and hit the X on the right corner of it.)
    8. So now with the Installer icon(must have WIFI for this) open it up hit donate later, and it will say refreshing sources just let it do it after a minute hit the install tab at the bottom and go threw the categories like games and download what ever you’d like.
    9. Once done downloading games on it, hit the home screen and it will have a spiny thing on it and just it takes you to the “slide to unlock” screen and just slide it.

    Other Things

    1. If when you are downloading things it says “Error, Main execution failed” just that means that wont download, doesn’t normally happen but sometimes does. Just don’t try to download it again its not going to happen, all you have to do next time is when downloading something hit the “Install” and instead of hitting install right away hit “clear queen” and everything should be fine.
    2. Also to get more games and stuff to download open installer and go to the sources category & install the “community sources” and “Big bosses recommended”
    3. To uninstall go to the uninstall categories and click the thing you need to uninstall and hit uninstall at the top right.
    -install a thing called “BSD Subsystem” (probably will be already installed if it isn’t there under all packages)

    -next if that is installed make sure you also cam “comm. Sources” installed too, but yea go to the all packages category and install a thing called BossTool once downloaded, go to main screen hit that BossTool icon hit the “free disk space” tab, then go threw the steps it says and hit relocate fonts (will take 5 min) then relocate ringtones (1 minute) then relocate apps (30 seconds) and your done with that
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    Haha, clear queen

    That was long.
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    iPod touch
    ZiPhone is kinda sketchy. iLiberty+ is more stable and better in general.

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