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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Kevin1052, Nov 1, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    I have a 2g Mc model 8Gb ipod touch and jailbroke using blackra1n.
    A few days ago after installing winterboard though cydia my ipod touch crashed and was stuck with the connect to iTunes screen.I fixed this by running blackra1n again. When i restarted my iPod I saw the winterboard icon on my springboard so I was happy

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    . I tried out a few default themes but when I tried to install some new themes my wi-fi wasnt working. I got the greyed out no wi-fi problem.I fixed the problem by restoring it though iTunes but thats not the point. Back then I didnt realize it was winterboard causing this error but now I do. Last night I installed winterboard again and got the exact same error. I fixed it the same way and I got the grey no wi-fi error. Whats the problem with my iPod touch. Is it really winterboard or is it something wrong with my iPod? :S

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