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    Okay, so I've searched far and wide on the forums to find the answer to my problem, after hours and hours and strained eyes I decided to make a new thread.

    Here's the problem:

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    I honestly have never seen anything like this before, I've looked all over the forum to find someone else who had a problem like this and I couldn't seem to find it. As of yet I'm just praying to god that this isn't a hardware malfunction. Unfortunately, the fact that it says "no wi-fi" really scares me because it seems like it's telling me that there isn't wi-fi built into the ipod, i mean, that seems like a logical thing for it to say in that situation. Anyways, to further describe my problem that whole menu is grayed-out and it wont even let me tap on it, all it says is no wi-fi.

    If anyone knows what might be going on or how to fix it (short of restoring) please let me know. I've put A LOT of time and effort making my ipod EXACTLY how I want it, and i don't want to lose all my hard work and start building from scratch again. Plus, I have a lot of stuff on there that I'd like to get off, but can't, cuz i can't SSH, given that i have no wi-fi.

    Anyways, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    brick it then send it to apple for a replacement
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    don't forget to put a q-tip dabbed in alchohol in your headphone jack for a few seconds.
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    that's because you might have it wet for a few minutes.
    this is the thread for you: http://www.ifans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58394
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    I used to have it, What I did was install BossTools from Cydia and then threw it to teh ground! Good Job!

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