iOS 4.0 No Sender No Subject with Exchange and Lockinfo

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by bmvee, Aug 10, 2010.

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    So... I posted this earlier today to see if I would find a little input but no one seemed to respond. I'll readd my text at the bottom of this post, but after further testing, I've found the following.

    Most of the posts and information I've been able to find via exhaustive googling ranges from disabling then re-enabling your mail client, power off/on, iPhone Reset, remove mail account and then re-add and most drastic... a restore! I've done it all and with many combinations.... the last yielded success... sadly though, I was able to reproduce the problem... much to my dismay.... When I installed Lockinfo... the No Sender/Subject problem came back. If I remove Lockinfo... problem goes away... when I add it again... it re-occurs... this is really frustrating as lockinfo is the reason I love the iPhone! I would use intelliscreen but I doesn't have the Lockinfo Weather app (integrated Date/Time/Weather) and most importantly, I can't use it as my Homescreen as I can with Lockinfo.

    Does anyone have any updates or info on this? I thought I'd start here....

    Below is my original post from this morning...



    Hi all..

    I'm seeing plenty of this on Google, but there isn't a thread started here so I thought I'd get input from our community. I have Exchange mail configured and I'm using Lockinfo. When I receive new email (whether in the mail app or Lockinfo) I see No Sender or No Subject upon a new message arrival. When I enter and exit the mail app once, then the message subject or sender shows up. Strange behaviour and from what I can tell, it's not exclusive to Lockinfo. It seems to be peculiar to IOS 4 (4.0 and 4.01 or so it would seem). I know this is happening on the 3Gs when updated to IOS 4.0.

    Lots of chatter, no resolution yet... does anyone know something that I obviously don't?

    ------------------Post Update------------------
    Someone else must have run into this!
    ------------------double post merged------------------
    Found the resolution on my own... I'm sadly surprised to see no one comment!

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