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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Collateral, Aug 8, 2008.

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    iPhone and iPod owners - especially if you're audiophilic - would know how much of a pain it is to run out of space on your unit when you still have lots of music to transfer from your iTunes.

    A future software update from Apple may solve this little problem of storage. Future iTunes and iPhone software could eliminate the need to sync your unit with your console. Instead, your player will access your entire iTunes media library on the go.

    This strikes me a little bit like how online media services operate - like YouTube and imeem for example. Makes me wonder why it wasn't done before.

    Instead of downloading music from your iTunes to your player, the device would use metadata files, which typically uses less than 1% of the space the original file uses. The device would need a wired or cellular connection to access the media files from the Mac or PC though. Which brings us to the downside - what if you can't connect to the Net?

    At any rate, this is a remarkable idea that I want to see happen. The tech would also mean that you can organize your iTunes library from your iPhone or iPod Touch. It could also mean iPods and iPhones could communicate with each other like the Zune (finally).
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    Dam, I hope they let you sync just in case you don't have internet.

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